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Turbine Flowmeters

Committed to find the perfect fit for your flow process

Turbine flow measurement

How it works

Our turbine flowmeters measure flow using infrared reflections. The sensor technology distinguishes itself by its flexible modularity combined with a powerful price-performance ratio.

Turbine flow meter: Working principle

  • Each flow tube has its own K-factor (calibration factor). The K-factor is the number of pulses per liter of liquid going through the flowmeter. Each flow tube is factory calibrated and the K-factor is listed on the label attached to every flow tube. Typical values for the K-factor can be found on the respective product pages.

  • Accuracies of 99% can be achieved with our turbine flowmeters.

  • The repeatability of measurements is 99.85%.

Turbine flow measurement


  • The sensor is placed separately from the turbine shaft which is essential in single-use applications.
  • Extremely accurate measurement system (99%) that guarantees a reliable flow measurement.
  • Suitable for long-term use as the mechanical construction ensures almost frictionless turbine movement that barely causes any wear and tear.

Turbine flow meters for liquid measurements



Turbine Flowmeters

Standard Series

  • Suitable for neutral, corrosive, and opaque liquids 
  • Outstanding performance in high process pressure


Turbine Flowmeters

Disposable Single Use Series

  • Fast and easy exchange of the wetted parts
  • Suitable for gamma irradiation
  • Comply with US Pharmacopeia Class VI

Applications of Turbine Flowmeters:

  • Reliable and accurate dosing of fertilizers and water play a key-role in agricultural production processes. We offer a range of flow measurement solutions for your industry that can help you meet your needs. Our flowmeters are an excellent solution to monitor and control various dosing processes of low viscous liquids for your water supply- and spraying systems.

    On top of the applications discussed above, our flowmeters can support you in cleaning and disinfecting your water supply- and spraying systems. The material of construction of our flowmeters are resistant to disinfection liquids such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorides.

    Read more about our turbine flowmeters in the agriculture industry

  • In biotech- and pharmaceutical production processes, reliabilityaccuracy and safety are of the essence. We offer flow measurement solutions that meet the strict requirements set by aforementioned industries. In addition, our flowmeters comply with USP Class VI high quality standards. 

    The flowmeters can be used for both flow control and volume control. Easy exchange of the wetted parts and onwards a quick recalibration prevent contamination and infection in the respective process. Our disposable single use solutions reduce down-time in your process to the minimum.

    Equfow’s single use flowmeters are successfully applied in bioreactors, liquid chromatography, various filtration processes (TFF, UF) and other equipment’s in biotech- and pharma industries.

    Read more about our turbine flowmeters in the biotechnology and pharmacy industry

  • Accurate volume measurement and monitoring of consumption play a key-role in food & beverages applications. Our flowmeters are a perfect solution for OEM applications which require food-grade materials and sterile connections.

    Variations in pressure drop are no problem for these flowmeters that enable you to achieve accurate dosing and filing in your production process.

    Our affordable flowmeters carry food-contact approvals for Europe and North America. Equflow's in-house engineering is also available for custom-made solutions or designing a retrofit of in-use flowmeters.

    Read more about our turbine flowmeters in the food & beverages industry

  • The medical devices industry includes various applications in which flow measurement and control is crucial. A dialysis system, for example, must be able to be cleaned quickly and easily after each run.

    This applies to all sorts of medical devices and equipment that process (body)liquids, like urine, blood and plasma. Avoiding contamination and infection is of the essence. Our flowmeters are also used in production processes, such as dosing and filling liquids in ampoules or bottles.

    The fast and easy exchange of the flow tubes reduces your process’ down-time to the minimum and avoids cross-contamination to guarantee safety of your patients.

    Read more about our turbine flowmeters in the medical devices industry

  • Our flowmeters can support you in purifying water. We offer solutions for flow monitoring and dosing additives for your water treatment applications.

    Automated dosing of additives requires accurate volume control in which our flowmeters show an outstanding performance. A need for such operations can be found in treatment of cooling towers (addition of biocides for example), desalination (reverse osmosis), waste water systems, and filtration systems (utra-pure water production).

    The materials of construction we use for our flowmeters show high chemical resistance and hence can be used to clean and disinfect your water and filter systems perfectly.

    Read more about our turbine flowmeters in the water treatment industry

  • We offer turbine flowmeter solutions for various industries. If your industry is not in here please contact us for one-on-one support for your application.

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