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Flowmeters: Disposable Single Use Series

Flowmeters: Disposable Single Use Series

Our disposable single use flowmeters are designed for a fast and easy exchange of the wetted parts. These solutions are very affordable as the housing, including sensor electronics, can be re-used and only the wetted parts will be exchanged. Despite the term "disposable single use", these flowmeters are mechanically the same as the standard series flowmeters and are therefore suitable for long-term use, providing high accuracy. The disposable single use flowmeters are available in PVDF material (suitable for gamma irradation) or PFA material (chemical resistant). A complete validation package is also available.

Disposable Single Use Flowmeter Series

We focus on the development and production of single-use turbine flowmeters of high quality, and corresponding equipment. We have a unique global presence in terms of single-use flow sensor solutions with high accuracy and reproducibility, combined with an excellent price-performance ratio. The disposable single-use flowmeters are mostly used in Biopharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries. Furthermore, our customers value the affordability and opportunities for customization of the flow sensor system compared to other single-use solutions.