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This is Equflow

About us

We are a manufacturer of flowmeters made of different materials, and corresponding accessories. We have perfected the flow measurement of liquids. In ten years, we have thus further developed our own invention into commercial solutions for various applications in which flow measurement and control is crucial. The modular sensor system with interchangeable components has been on the global market since 2010.

Our Philosophy

We outsource the production of molded components and the electronics, while product development, assembling, and quality control is carried out in-house. Our sales and distribution are realized via worldwide distributors, OEM companies, and direct business to end users.

We develop and produce permanent and single use flowmeters and all required components. The flowmeters are used for measuring flow of liquids in various industry areas, among others: Agriculture, Automotive & Fuel Measurement, Biotechnology & Pharmacy, Fine Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Medical Devices, Semiconductor, and Water Treatment.


Our sensor technology distinguishes itself by its flexible modularity combined with a powerful price-performance ratio.

The perfection is expressed in all flowmeter components and the software. The bar code scanner for the automatic calibration of the measurement system plays a key role in single use applications. Furthermore, our customers value the affordability and opportunities for customization of the sensor system compared to other single use solutions.

In addition to production and clean room facilities, we have engineers who, together with the customer, fine-tune the sensor system for the applications in which the flow of liquids must be measured and/or controlled.

Our Mission

We focus on the development and production of single use flowmeters of high quality, and corresponding equipment. We have a uniquely global presence in terms of single use solutions with high accuracy and reproducibility, combined with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Together with our partners, we provide custom-made solutions to meet the specific needs of her customers. It is our mission to offer a high-quality and optimal solution for single use flow measurement so that our customers are able to achieve complete process control at the point of flow measurement. Flow measurement solutions will be offered worldwide in all Life Sciences markets.

Our Vision

Numbers tell the tale. More and more companies are dealing with this and where we want to offer solutions under the term When every drop counts.

The prevention of cross-contamination, validation of critical processes and cost savings are themes where Equflow products deliver a high level of added value against realistic and affordable prices. By using disposable parts, a high degree of efficiency and cost saving can be achieved, while maintaining a high level of product quality and service.