Equflow Disposable PFA Flowmeter

This model is developed to perform a fast exchange of the flow tube (for hygienic reasons e.g. in pharmaceutical industry). 

The flowmeter is suitable for clear and opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids, fuel and for periodic monitoring. The flow tube is assembled in the flow system. For measurement and calibration the easy-to-remove housing is placed around the tube and measuring can take place.

  • High resolution, proportional to the flow
  • Highly chemically resistant
  • Splendid accuracy and repeatability
  • Can be used for opaque liquids as well


Technical SpecificationsType 0045Type 0085
Inner diameter in mm 4.69.1
Linear flow range0.1 - 2.0 L/min1.0 - 20.0 L/min
Minimum flow0.06 L/min0.5 L/min
Accuracy1% of reading1% of reading
Repeatability< 0.15%< 0.15%
Wetted partsPFA / RubyPFA / Ruby
Tube connection1/8" NPT or 7 mm hose barb1/4" NPT or 12 mm hose barb
Tube length in mm5261
Liquid temperature in °C-20 to +80-20 to +80
Max. pressure at 20°C in bar2015
Viscosity in cSt.0.8 - 10 0.8 - 10
Approx. K-factor in pulses/L 120,0005,500
Power supply 5 - 24 Vdc5 - 24 Vdc
Output signal5 - 24 V square wave5 - 24 V square wave
Power consumption34 mA at 5 V34 mA at 5 V
Default cablePVC 1 meterPVC 1 meter

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