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Barcode Scanner for Automatic Calibration

Each Equflow flow tube is provided with a label including manufacturing and calibration data. This data is saved in a two dimensinal barcode that partially consists of the K-factor (= the amount of pulses per liter of liquid based on water). Scanning the barcode makes the calibration process unnecessary after exchanging a flow tube and guarantees an accurate flow measurement. The scanner can be used with any single use disposable flow sensor from Equflow.

Technical specifications

When purchasing large quantities, please contact Equflow.
K-factor converter including 2D Barcode Reader Art. 6110KCCONBCXX

  • Engineering support available
  • Over 20 year experience in flow measurement solutions
  • Excellent price-quality
  • Power supply 5-24 Vdc
    Output 5-24 V square wave (equal to power supply)
    Ambient temperature -10 to +60 °C
    Dimensions in mm 60 x 56 x 105 (L x W x H)

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