In biomedical technology and pharmaceutical production processes, it's all about utmost reliability, accuracy and safety. You cannot afford even one dosing error when producing medicines, for example. And a bioreactor must work flawlessly.

Equflow develops and produces modular flow sensors according to a unique and extremely reliable principle. It is suitable for the measurement of the flow rate of various liquids in a wide range of applications. Equflow's sensors are so-called turbine flowmeters combined with an infrared sensor.

With a disposable sensor version, the technology company from the Dutch province Brabant is capitalizing on the rise of disposables in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. The use of these disposable flow sensors reduces process times and saves energy. A lengthy and intensive development and validation process preceded the commercial introduction.

The result is an extremely accurate measurement system that guarantees a reliable flow measurement. The key to this is a unique automatic calibration system combined with virtually frictionless moving turbines in plastic tubes.

In this whitepaper, you can read all about the composition, functioning and application of the flowmeters tailored to single use.