Equflow Tubeholder for Single Use Flowmeters
  • Specifically designed to expedite the exchanging of the flow tube in single-use applications
  • Thanks to its simple design the exchange of the flow tube including calibration can be realized within seconds

In the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical industries, hygiene is of the utmost importance.
Single- use applications are becoming the norm in these industries for their time and cost saving benefits.

This tube holder was specifically designed to expedite the exchange of the flow tube in single- use applications. Thanks to its simple design the exchange of the flow tube including calibration can be realized within seconds.

The entire exchanging and calibrating process is limited to scanning a calibration code with the help of a bar code reader and subsequently measuring can continue to take place. The exchanging of a flow device has never been so easy and fast.

As an extra option, Equflow is able to deliver pre-packed and gamma radiated flow tubes. Through this innovative and powerful new tool inter-unit variation is eliminated while high accuracy is maintained.

Its robust design is particularly suitable for more solid devices. The tubeholder is also suitable for PFA flow meters.


  • Performs a fast exchange of the flow tubes.
  • High resolution square wave output
  • Flow measuring with revolutionary Infra-Red turbine rotor reflection
  • PVDF for high chemical and corrosive resistance
  • Also suitable for opaque liquids
  • PVDF meet all the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia Class VI
  • BSE/TSE certificate available
  • Gamma stable up to 50 kGy
  • Tube can be sterilized up to 140°C

All wetted parts are made of PVDF with Ruby bearing.

Would you like to see more about the use of the Tubeholder? Check out video below:


Technical SpecificationsType 0045 PVDFType 0085 PVDFType 0250 PVDF *)
Inner diameter in mm 4.79.325.4
Linear flow range0.1 - 2.0 L/min1.0 - 20 L/min5.0 - 120.0 L/min
Minimum flow 0.03 L/min*0.5 L/min3.0 L/min
Accuracy1% of reading1% of reading1% of reading
Repeatability< 0.15%< 0.15%< 0.15%
Wetted partsPVDF / RubyPVDF / RubyPVDF / Sapphire
Tube connection7 mm hose barb12 mm hose barb32 mm hose barb
Tube length in mm536290
Liquid max. temp in °C-20 to +80-20 to +80-20 to +80
Max. pressure at 20 °C in bar202515
Viscosity in cSt.0.8 - 100.8 - 100.8 - 10
Approx. K-factor in pulses/L100,0004,800300
Power supply5 - 24 Vdc5 - 24 Vdc5 - 24 Vdc
Output signal5 - 24 V square wave5 - 24 V square wave5 - 24 V square wave
Power consumption34 mA at 5 V34 mA at 5 V34 mA at 5 V
Default cablePVC 1 meterPVC 1 meter PVC 1 meter
* Special low flow sensor 0045 available withflow range: 0.02 – 1.0 L/min

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