Equflow Barcode Scanner

Each Equflow flowmeter has a K-factor, which is the amount of pulses generated when 1 liter of water goes through the flowmeter, with a flow that is within the flowmeter’s flowrange. This value can be different for different flowmeters, even if they have the same product code. Exchanging a flowmeter would thus require the operator to enter the new K-factor in their equipment.
The Equflow 6110 Barcode scanner is designed to convert the output of each flowmeter to a user-defined value. This pre-set value has to be entered only once. Upon exchanging the flowmeter, scanning its barcode is all that is needed for the barcode scanner to convert the signal.
This barcode scanner is typically used in combination with an Equflow flowmeter and a (third party) device, for which the digital signal will be converted.

Advantages of using the Equflow 6110 Barcode scanner

  • Scanning the barcode takes only a second, and will thus be much faster than changing the settings in your controller, while maintaining the same accuracy and repeatability;
  • Reduce the chance of errors that could occur when manually entering the K-factor;
  • Correction of the K-factor at up to 5 flowrates over the entire flowrange is possible, this increases the accuracy at the higher and lower end of the flowrange.

Would you like to see more about the use of the Barcode Scanner? Check out the video below:


Technical Specifications
Power supply5 - 30 Vdc on the output cable
Output5 - 30 V square wave (equal to power supply)
Ambient temp.-10 to +60 C°
Dimensions encl.60 x 56 x 105 mm (L x W x H)

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