Would you like to improve the performance of the single use flowmeter by reaching higher accuracy? Equflow's K-factor re-calculating Barcode Scanner could be the solution. 

Situation without the Barcode Scanner

All exchangeble flow tubes are provided with a pre-calibrated K-factor. The K-factor is is determined by the amount of pulses per liter, based on water. After exchanging a flow tube, the K-factor needs to be re-programmed each time. The re-programming is currently done by manual input or by using flow tubes with a K-factor in a certain bandwidth. 

Cause of Inaccuracy

Inaccuracy in the process could occur by various conditions:

  • when other liquids than water are used;
  • ​when process conditions like viscosity, temperature, and pressure differ;
  • when using the wrong K-factor input;
  • or by pulsating flows.

All these process conditions result in a K-factor devitation and thus measurement error. 

Using the Barcode Scanner

When using the Barcode Scanner, the re-programming of the K-factor can be done more efficiently and accurately. Therefore, the possibility of measurement error wil significantly decrease. The Barcode Scanner is very easy to use:

  1. Exchange flowtube
  2. Scan 2D barcode
  3. Continue process with high accurate flow measurement

Advantages of the Barcode Scanner

It can be concluded that the use of the Barcode Scanner will significantly improve your process, because: 

  • Always the same K-factor output
  • Full scale compensated linear output signal
  • Fixed deviation factor implemented in 2D barcode
  • Always high accurate flow measurement
  • Avoids wrong manual K-factor input
  • In some cases, more cost effective exchangeable flowtubes


Would you like to find out more about our Barcode Scanner? Visit our product page for more specifications or watch the video below: