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Ramada Munich Messe on February 27th  and 28th

Single use systems in biomanufacturing can greatly simplify the path to market. This is due to the reduction of sterilisation time and spend, lowered labor efforts, swifter set up times, lower cross contamination levels and reduced operating costs in the production of pharma products. As a result, many pharma companies are implementing more single use systems within their production lines.

Single-use products are gaining momentum in the Biotech industry and have been used quite extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. Summarizing,  companies that use single-use products are able to speed up their processes, reduce costs and minimize risks.

Equflow manufactures unique Single-use flowsensors for both biotech and pharmaceutical processes and applications which can be gamma irradiated. Equflow’s tube holder system allows you to exchange the flow tube within seconds to save precious time. Please note that our single-use flow meters are also capable of long-term measuring.