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1 March 2021

Our Largest (One Inch) Flowmeter To Date

As the global leader in single-use and disposable flow sensors, we are pleased to announce the launch of 1in PVDF flowmeters. This is the largest flowmeter size in our series, with other sizes of 1/4in and 1/2in PVDF flow tubes. A unique electronic IR-reflection system guarantees a high accurate flow measurement. The three available sizes cover flow rates of 30ml up to 220l per minute.

The 1in PVDF flowmeter is available in a standard Fixed model and in a disposable single-use Tubeholder model. PVDF material is mechanically very strong and can also be exposed to gamma irradiation.

The Fixed model is our most affordable solution for long-term flow measurement applications. The Tubeholder is specifically designed to perform a fast and easy exchange of the flow tube in single-use applications. Thanks to its simple design the exchange of the flow tube including recalibration can be realised within seconds.

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